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  • Pascucci Shoesmoccasin timeless classics
  • Pascucci Shoesfaux skin Moccasin modern beauty
  • Pascucci Shoeslady's mule with embroidered flowers elegant chic

Creativity & Craftsmanship

Our products use the best raw materials of Italian origin, and it is precisely the excellent quality that has made the PASCUCCI brand capable of interpreting the needs of the modern woman, with a careful analysis of the new trends.

#3238 Moccasin
#3238 Moccasin

The classic moccasin with metal trim. Handstitched apron.

#1151 Decolleté
#1151 Decolleté

Flat decolleté made with "Sacchetto" construction making it very soft and comfortable.

#5113 Moccasin
#5113 Moccasin

Woven moccasin classy and soft at the same time.

#830 Mule
#830 Mule

Smart mule with embroided flowers.

PASCUCCI producing women's footwear since 1945

THE FOUNDER, Spartaco Pascucci, had been a shoemaker since his youth, working in the main shoe factory in his hometown, Fucecchio.

Over the years, PASCUCCI has been able to evolve itself both in organization and production, maintaining the characteristics of the artisanal product.

Throughout all these years, PASCUCCI keeps the tradition of MADE IN ITALY high, using first choice Italian materials, maintaining with all its staff the quality required from customer all over the world.

PASCUCCI producing women's footwear since 1945


Our products use the best materials of Italian origin, especially in the production of moccasins and shoes with sacchetto construction, but also ballerinas, pumps, boots and ankle boots.

The main features of the company production are: the careful selection of the leather used for the upper, the use of genuine leather products for the sole and the heel.

Each shoe is followed with care in all stages of processing, from the choice of leather, fabrics and accessories, up to the final packaging.

Accuracy and refinement of the shoe is what our customers recognize: from cuts to finishes, from ironing to finishing, to the careful selection of materials to their use.

Our experience and the materials used make each shoe a fine and at the same time comfortable product.

Italian Ladies Shoes
Pascucci shoes are interely manufactured in Tuscany, Italy

Pascucci shoes are entirely manufactured in Tuscany, Italy.

Pascucci Shoes are made with a selection of the best leather materials from Italy

Pascucci Shoes are made with a selection of the best Italian leather materials.

Pascucci showroom in Tuscany, right next to the Pascucci factory.

Pascucci showroom in Tuscany, right next to the Pascucci factory.


Tel: +39 0571 21034
Fax: +39 0571 261722

Opening Hours

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